Our companies

Ahmed Developments

Ahmed Developments is the real estate development and construction arm of Ahmed Holdings. The firm has expertise in industrial, commercial and residential development projects of all sizes. As of 2018, Ahmed Developments is involved in the development of over 300,000 square feet of new residential construction.

Ahmed Holdings

Ahmed Holdings is a real estate investment firm that wholly owns and manages development and rental properties in Canada. The firm was setup to incorporate the Ahmed Family’s vast real estate holdings. The firm believes in aggressive growth and acts on it by adding to it’s portfolio year over year.

Ahmed Property Management

Ahmed Property Management is the property management company for real estate held by Ahmed Holdings. Since 2012, APM successfully manages over 100 commercial tenants, by ensuring properties under it’s care are well run, and tenant’s needs well taken care of.


Moe Ahmed

President and CEO

Juveria Syed, BA

Vice President

Badar Rana, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Jose Garreton, B.Eng, MA

Chief Project Manager

Alex Naumov, B.Eng

Chief Property Manager

David Imbrogno, BBA

Project Manager

Vanessa Thibodeau

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Dr. Waqar Chaudhry, M.D.

Business Development Officer

Nour Alkassas, CFA

Senior Analyst

Junaid Asmat


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